Test Technology for Electric Motors

  • enThe most accurate and efficient test tools in the world
  • enCan be custom-fitted to customer’s needs
  • enSuitable for all types of tests
  • enHighly reliable results
  • enMade in Germany

Hashmal Motor Ltd. is the exclusive representative in Israel for the German company Schleich, that specializes in developing and manufacturing test technology for electric motors and coils. Schleich testing tools are considered to be the most accurate and efficient test tools in the world.

The company offers an endless range of different testers, that incorporate different testing methods, which saves time and reduces costs for the customer.

Among the different tests possible are:
  • High-Voltage Tests AC/DC
  • Surge Tests
  • Insulation Resistance Tests
  • Winding Resistance Tests
  • PD Tests
  • Functional Tests

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