Company Services

Installation & Maintenance

Rotating Equipment Maintenance

Hashmal Motor Ltd. specializes in performing complex maintenance projects, including on-site, while adhering to strict schedules and providing a highly skilled service. Hashmal Motor Ltd. also offer expertise in refurbishing pumps, blowers, gears and turbines.

Refurbishment Services Include:

Rotor dynamic balancing, grinding, milling, bearing housing refurbishment, induction heating machine for rotor bars and high voltage connectors - the only one available in Israel. We provide a dry ice spraying machine for cleaning stators and rotors which does not damage the coil, and shaft grounding installations to prevent static electricity in the bearing.

On-site Rotating Equipment Installation

Hashmal Motor Ltd. performs on-site comprehensive engineering consultancy regarding the different aspects of rotating equipment: increasing outputs, modifying bearings and lubricants, solutions for resonance issues, motor refurbishment, and more.

The service is available throughout the different phases, from planning and purchasing, through installation, to general operation.