Company Services

Motor Rewinding

Hashmal Motor Ltd. is the leading company in Israel in the field of motor rewinding through years of experience in refurbishing and coiling AC/DC motors, low and high voltage up to 13.2 kV, and up to 10,000 HP.

The coiling process and the inspections are executed in accordance with the strictest standards and practices, while using the best and most advanced wires and insulation materials available.

Hashmal Motor Ltd. is the proprietor of special coiling equipment:

  • A 3 meter diameter by 3 meter depth vacuum container designed for performing VPI process using an epoxy resin, VOC free - The most advanced process in the industry
  • A 3X3 motor drying oven
  • Impulse winding tester to examine coiling and insulation of electric motors up to 15kV
  • ISA’s tan delta diagnostic system
  • Dynamometer for testing motor overload up to 2200 KW
  • Schleich’s MTC2 electric motor tester