Manufacturing & Upgrading

Motor manufacturing

Hashmal Motor Ltd. specializes in manufacturing electric motors of high performance, reliability, durability and energy efficiency.

Combining decades of experience of Yona Uspiz Electric Motors Ltd, with Hashmal Motor’s advanced technology, skilled team and unique equipment enables the company to produce excellent standard and customized electric motors, in accordance with the customer’s requirements, and different working conditions, such as:

  • Low voltage motors - up to 1,000 kW
  • High voltage motors - up to 5,000 kW, and 13.2 Kv
  • Vertical motors with a hollow or solid shaft
  • Horizontal motors
  • Enclosed and protected motors

All electric motors are manufactured in accordance with the international standard IEC60034, and additional similar standards, and are suitable for all industrial needs.

Hashmal Motor Ltd. has a vast experience manufacturing electric motors for the chemical and petrochemical industries, Israel Electric Company’s power plants, desalination plants, Mekorot - Israel National Water Company’s water pumping stations (which use specialized motors with a hollow or solid shaft, that activates centrifugal pumps, and are designed to operate in pumping plants under high pressure, and the bearing are cooled only by air flow), among others.

Motor Upgrading

Knowledge and expertise acquired over years of experience by the engineering and manufacturing teams, combined with its advanced and unique manufacturing equipment, Hashmal Motor Ltd. can offer its customers upgrades for old, or customized motors. The process includes updating the motor in accordance to changing needs, and special requirements. It includes an emphasis on energy efficiency, while complying with international standards and the customer’s needs and requirements.