Shaft Grounding Rings

  • A unique patent from Electro Static Technology Inc.
  • Extends the service life of AC/DC motors
  • Suited for difficult working conditions
  • Easy and fast installment
  • Significant longevity achieved through MicroFibers™ conductive carbon fibers

Hashmal Motor Ltd. represents Electro Static Technology Inc. which specializes in manufacturing shaft grounding rings for AC/DC motors which operate on variable speeds using frequency changer systems (VFD). The rings are constructed in accordance with AEGIS SGR™ technology, offering a revolutionary solution which extends the motor’s expectancy pertaining to static electricity flows.

  • AEGIS SGR™ shaft grounding rings offer the best available long-term solution to static electricity flows. This
  • solution has proved itself in hundreds of motors in plants in Israel, and around the world.
  • An efficient, accessible and cost-effective solution:
    • No additional maintenance - the rings’ service life is equivalent to that of the bearings
    • Significantly lower cost than a motor repair (which includes dismantling, assembling, refurbishing, down-time, etc.)
  • Easy external installment on the motor’s frame, or any other way the customer prefers (including mounting the ring
  • inside the oil seal).
  • Shaft grounding rings are available in any diameter for up to 15,000 RPM, and can be custom-fitted for higher RPMs.

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