Advanced Solutions for Rotating Equipment

Manufacturing & Upgrading

Hashmal Motor’s planning and manufacturing process of electric motors focuses on improving energy efficiency, while maintaining motor reliability, durability and high performance.

Company Services

For over 50 years Hashmal Motor Ltd. has been in the forefront of providing maintenance and technical support for electric motors and rotating equipment in Israel.

Learning Center

The learning center provides professional trainings for engineers, technicians and procurement managers for the purpose of deepening their theoretical and practical understanding of rotating equipment maintenance.

Hashmal Motor Ltd. is the leading company in Israel in the field of maintenance and technical support for electric motors and rotating equipment.

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Select Projects

Hashmal Motor Ltd. offers flexible maintenance services, which can take place in its workshop, or on-site, in accordance with the customer's needs and requirements. The company manages short-term, and long-term complex projects in an efficient and satisfactory way.

Refurbishing a High Voltage Motor

Refurbishing a 10000HP, 1486RPM
Motor for Israel Electric Company

On-site Refurbishing a High Voltage Motor

Refurbishing a 6392HP, 2990RPM
Motor for Mekorot - Israel National Water Company

Refurbishing and Motor Rewinding a High Voltage Motor

Repairing and Coil Winding a
6460HP, 1479RPM Motor for Maxima

soaking the stator in the VPI system

Soaking the stator in epoxy in the VPI system 3X3 meters

On-site Laser Alignment

On-site Laser Alignment During Refurbishment Process for Mekorot

Motor Electric Testing

Performing an Electric Test on a Vertical Motor for Mekorot

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Among our Clients

Hashmal Motor Ltd. provides comprehensive maintenance services for rotating equipment for many factories in Israel and around the world.