About Us

For over 50 years Hashmal Motor Ltd. has been in the forefront of providing maintenance and technical support for electric motors and rotating equipment in Israel. This is the only company in Israel that offers a full range of services, products and solutions for product data management (PDM) and preventive maintenance for rotating equipment.

Hashmal Motor Ltd. began as a company which specialized in motor rewinding and electric motor refurbishment, and today it is the leading company in Israel in implementing PDM, motor repairs for up to 10,000 HP, and every aspect of installing and maintaining rotating equipment, in its workshop and in the customer's site.

Throughout its activity, Hashmal Motor Ltd. has been committed to remain at the forefront of technological advances, and to supply its customers with cutting-edge technology, equipment and solutions.

An uncompromising commitment to high quality professionalism, availability, cooperation and transparency for the customer have always been, and will continue to be the core principles leading the company and its employees.

Around the Clock Service
Electric Motors Ltd. has the ability to answer urgent calls, and to deliver under pressing timetables, without compromising on the quality of work, and adhering to the strictest standards.
The company is available to provide a solution to any problem 7 days a week, day or night, for the purpose of saving significant maintenance costs, maximize production ability and reducing motor downtime.

Uncompromising Professionalism
The company is comprised of a team of trained professionals, with many years of practical experience and expertise in their field. Their experience and professionalism allow to accommodate the customers’ ever changing needs, while providing them with first-rate, innovative solutions.

Cutting-edge and Innovative Technology
Hashmal Motor Ltd. is committed to operate the most cutting-edge and innovative equipment in the world. This unique equipment gives the company one of a kind and exclusive testing abilities, which provides the customer with the best service available. Hashmal Motor Ltd. is a representative for leading international manufacturers, such as: Easy-Laser, Schleich Omar-Star.

A One Stop Shop for Multiple Services
Being a one stop shop which offers multiple services, Hashmal Motor Ltd. can reduce the amount of time, money and difficulties involved in employing different vendors.
The company offers flexible maintenance services, which can take place in its workshop, or on-site, in accordance with the customer's needs and requirements.
The knowledge and diverse expertise enable Hashmal Motor Ltd. to manage short-term projects, as well as long-term, complex projects in an efficient and satisfactory way.

Excellent Service
The customer’s satisfaction, while managing all their needs and requirements is the top priority for Hashmal Motor Ltd. All services are performed while maintaining complete transparency and informing the customer of all occurrences, for the purpose of complete satisfaction.

Do you need any further information? Do you have any questions? You’re more than welcome to contact us, and our team of experts would like to find a solution for you.