Company Services

Vibration Monitoring

Hashmal Motor Ltd. has a vast experience in performing vibration analysis. The company uses advanced technology to gather data on-site, that is then analysed by CAT III certified experts, as is required by the ISO 18436-3.

The service is provided, in accordance with the customer’s requirements, in one of two ways:

  • Vibration analysis for a specific motor, for the purpose of providing an assessment and recommendations for further care.
  • As part of the product data management (PDM) of the plant.

Using the monitoring service as part of a plant’s PDM has many advantages:
  • Identifying potential equipment failure
  • Creating a scheduled plan for motor maintenance, preventing possible future damages
  • Saving costs of an extensive overhaul
  • Reducing motor downtime
  • Improving finished goods
  • Increasing operating profit for the plant